Five Things I’ve learnt Through Writing A Novel.

When you first put pen to paper or finger to key, you might think it’s easy and there may be some of you out there who write novels the same way you gobble bacon, quick, no fuss, but for many of us it’s not a picnic in the park. Here is five things I’ve learnt through writing a novel.

Books Are Our Constant Friends. 

I’ve travelled the world to far flung places, by boat, by plane, once on a carpet. I’ve stood with the mighty and trodden down with the disgraced. Love has opened its crisp pages wide and hearts have fallen through the gaps, sometimes leading to sweet proposals and passionate embraces, sometimes, leading to hate. The hate … Continue reading Books Are Our Constant Friends. 

Do You Call Yourself A Writer?

I asked a question on social media the other day, do you call yourself a writer and if so, why and if not, why is that, what stops you brandishing your silky scribe and nailing your colours to the mast. Maybe the problem is if we call ourselves writers (or authors if we’ve published a … Continue reading Do You Call Yourself A Writer?