It’s A Tory Brown Letter Day

Do you think he will be okay? Amanda smiled and picked up her bag. A huge thing that looked like the sort Mary Poppins might cart about with her. 'I am sure he will be.' 'There is just nothing anyone can do.' 'I know, but it doesn't do to worry too much.' Amanda patted Melanie … Continue reading It’s A Tory Brown Letter Day

The Soul of a Man

X is for X-Ray. “This is preposterous,” he moaned, hands gripping either side of the door, the whites of his knuckles showing. “I know you would prefer not to, but it’s the law,” Darren snapped. Too many tried to get out of it, coming up with lame excuses. “I know it’s the law, thank you,” … Continue reading The Soul of a Man

The Wombles of Westminster

Great Uncle Bulgaria peered cautiously at the human in front of him. “Where did you find her?” he asked, staring at Tomsk, who grunted and looked away. “Mr Smith isn't here any more” Bungo said “I thought we should invite a new human.” “Bungo, secrecy is important, we do not associate with humans” Uncle Bulgaria … Continue reading The Wombles of Westminster

Jim Murphy and his Broken Spirits.


Last night another episode of debates took place in Aberdeen, Scotland. There was Ruth Davidson for the Tories, Jim Murphy for Labour, Willie Rennie (do you have a hard time saying that too?) for the Lib Dems, David Coburn for UKIP, Nicola Sturgeon for the SNP and Patrick Harvey for the Greens. It was a … Continue reading Jim Murphy and his Broken Spirits.