The Soul of a Man

X is for X-Ray. “This is preposterous,” he moaned, hands gripping either side of the door, the whites of his knuckles showing. “I know you would prefer not to, but it’s the law,” Darren snapped. Too many tried to get out of it, coming up with lame excuses. “I know it’s the law, thank you,” … Continue reading The Soul of a Man

Sick Nora!


N is for Nora. Nora slumped into the nearest chair, gasping for breath. Her chest felt tight, constricted, being squeezed by warm, sweaty hands. A popping sound reverberated in her ears, coming from the inside. Inside her head. Gulping at her glass of water, she thought back to when things changed, back to when she … Continue reading Sick Nora!

Marty Took The Drug

L is for Love. Marty was lonely. He would never have believed his life would end up like this, that those years when he was so happy with Cara would one day be over. Finished, ruined. He was twenty-one and she just turning nineteen. Many talked about love at first sight, he wasn’t sure it … Continue reading Marty Took The Drug