Stoptober: Wanna Dance.


It’s my birthday tomorrow. Thought I would tell you that, in case you wanted to be ignorant and forget it. Never understood the point of birthdays, I said as much on Facebook the other day. It’s the mother who should be spoilt, given cake, cards and big glittery balloons. You and your big, wobbly fat … Continue reading Stoptober: Wanna Dance.

Stoptober: Frankie Boyle edition.


Ten Days. Ten days since I last smoked. Can you believe it? No, me neither. I had promised to blog each day, so perhaps I should throw some insincere apologies out there now with the hope that you’ll understand the frantic, almost maniacal brain of a smoker. It isn’t a nice look, so turn away … Continue reading Stoptober: Frankie Boyle edition.

Stoptober: I see Pink Elephants.


Hi everyone, I found it impossible to write about smoking yesterday, when you’re trying to give up, can’t think about anything else, the last thing you want to do is sit down and knock out 500 words about it. It’s a bit like telling yourself not to think about a pink elephant, then finding swathes … Continue reading Stoptober: I see Pink Elephants.

Here Goes My sanity: Let’s Quit Smoking.


It's past 6 pm on a Wednesday night and I am hot. Not hot because the sun has been high in the sky all day,  me cooped up in the shade beneath a tree (cancer people) while my dog lies stretched out on the warm grass, paws over her nose, her tail, those tell-tale twitches of delight … Continue reading Here Goes My sanity: Let’s Quit Smoking.