Does Your Mood Drop During The Winter Months? Here are 5 Ways I Cope.

Not so long ago, I sat outside in the garden, a swath of blue sky above my head, the warm sun on my face. I could smell the clove laden Viburnums and the softer Daphnes, see the papery roses zigzagging the fence, the Magnolia with its small creamy flowers stood in a bright ceramic pot. Fat little bumble bees fed on delicate flowers and Butterflies skimmed past like tiny fragments of silk floating through the hot air.

I Don’t Believe In Psychiatry.

I stood in the foyer. A woman sat at a desk behind me, cooped in by the glass partition that separated us. Her silver glasses hung on a cord around her neck, perched now on her sizable chest and she typed away at the computer with chipped red nails. ‘Can you stop doing that,’ I … Continue reading I Don’t Believe In Psychiatry.

Goodbye Sally Brampton

The double doors swung shut and I made my way out into the fresh air. I know it was 2008, that I remember, but what month, I don’t know. It was warm outside, people wore lighter clothing, shorter skirts, sleeveless tops, and men had their sleeves rolled up and suit jackets flung over their shoulders. I knew it would be hot, it had felt practically tropical inside, we had tried to open the grimy windows, but they would only open so far and the small amount we managed to wedge them open wasn’t enough to let any air in. It only added to the overriding sedation of claustrophobia that many of us experienced in their, we felt like battery hens packed in a crate waiting our eventual demise.