Does Your Mood Drop During The Winter Months? Here are 5 Ways I Cope.

Not so long ago, I sat outside in the garden, a swath of blue sky above my head, the warm sun on my face. I could smell the clove laden Viburnums and the softer Daphnes, see the papery roses zigzagging the fence, the Magnolia with its small creamy flowers stood in a bright ceramic pot. Fat little bumble bees fed on delicate flowers and Butterflies skimmed past like tiny fragments of silk floating through the hot air.

Do you remember Beverly Allitt?

What did you want to do when you were little? A question we all get asked, repeatedly. I thought for a time when I was four, of being a doctor. Not because I wanted to treat anyone, to be honest if I was in charge of your health now or back in the 80’s, I … Continue reading Do you remember Beverly Allitt?

Stoptober: I see Pink Elephants.


Hi everyone, I found it impossible to write about smoking yesterday, when you’re trying to give up, can’t think about anything else, the last thing you want to do is sit down and knock out 500 words about it. It’s a bit like telling yourself not to think about a pink elephant, then finding swathes … Continue reading Stoptober: I see Pink Elephants.

Jim Murphy and his Broken Spirits.


Last night another episode of debates took place in Aberdeen, Scotland. There was Ruth Davidson for the Tories, Jim Murphy for Labour, Willie Rennie (do you have a hard time saying that too?) for the Lib Dems, David Coburn for UKIP, Nicola Sturgeon for the SNP and Patrick Harvey for the Greens. It was a … Continue reading Jim Murphy and his Broken Spirits.