Stoptober: Wanna Dance.


It’s my birthday tomorrow. Thought I would tell you that, in case you wanted to be ignorant and forget it. Never understood the point of birthdays, I said as much on Facebook the other day. It’s the mother who should be spoilt, given cake, cards and big glittery balloons. You and your big, wobbly fat … Continue reading Stoptober: Wanna Dance.

Here Goes My sanity: Let’s Quit Smoking.


It's past 6 pm on a Wednesday night and I am hot. Not hot because the sun has been high in the sky all day,  me cooped up in the shade beneath a tree (cancer people) while my dog lies stretched out on the warm grass, paws over her nose, her tail, those tell-tale twitches of delight … Continue reading Here Goes My sanity: Let’s Quit Smoking.