The Reaper Missed You Last Night. *Alternative Title – Merry Christmas. 

The soft smoke of breath, lingers in the taut, dense air, eyes veiled against comin' night, a face etched of pleasures tasted, folding in on itself, a lost, precious beat, a heats fluttering echo, in an old worn chair. Holding fingertips now turning  grey slate, deaths march draws curtains come nigh, hearts holding in strained … Continue reading The Reaper Missed You Last Night. *Alternative Title – Merry Christmas. 



Warning: Description of a sexual act and unorthodox practices. Bruce pulls her close, sheds a tear as he buries his head in her neck, long, slender, the sort of neck men want to caress, even with these bruises. The silence is strange but she had always been quiet, reserved, a little anxious perhaps. Fingers searching … Continue reading Desire!

Marty Took The Drug

L is for Love. Marty was lonely. He would never have believed his life would end up like this, that those years when he was so happy with Cara would one day be over. Finished, ruined. He was twenty-one and she just turning nineteen. Many talked about love at first sight, he wasn’t sure it … Continue reading Marty Took The Drug