Five Things I’ve learnt Through Writing A Novel.

When you first put pen to paper or finger to key, you might think it’s easy and there may be some of you out there who write novels the same way you gobble bacon, quick, no fuss, but for many of us it’s not a picnic in the park. Here is five things I’ve learnt through writing a novel.

Books Are Our Constant Friends. 

I’ve travelled the world to far flung places, by boat, by plane, once on a carpet. I’ve stood with the mighty and trodden down with the disgraced. Love has opened its crisp pages wide and hearts have fallen through the gaps, sometimes leading to sweet proposals and passionate embraces, sometimes, leading to hate. The hate … Continue reading Books Are Our Constant Friends. 

Do you remember Beverly Allitt?

What did you want to do when you were little? A question we all get asked, repeatedly. I thought for a time when I was four, of being a doctor. Not because I wanted to treat anyone, to be honest if I was in charge of your health now or back in the 80’s, I … Continue reading Do you remember Beverly Allitt?

An Essay on Social Anxiety


She heard, wincing, she always hears. When she was young, her mother used to ask if she was listening, angrily taking a swipe at her, with her short, stubby fingers. Are you listening she would demand, shattering the silence. Her mother had always wanted nice fingers, piano fingers she called them, elegant and long, the … Continue reading An Essay on Social Anxiety