The Soul of a Man

X is for X-Ray. “This is preposterous,” he moaned, hands gripping either side of the door, the whites of his knuckles showing. “I know you would prefer not to, but it’s the law,” Darren snapped. Too many tried to get out of it, coming up with lame excuses. “I know it’s the law, thank you,” … Continue reading The Soul of a Man

The Possession of Jenny.

J is for Jelly. She had always been picked on. They called her Jenny the Jelly, although with their creative vocabularies they often found other names to call her. Most nights she’d cry to her mum and although her mother worried, she would always tell her to rise above it. She tried but it never … Continue reading The Possession of Jenny.


Itch in the brain lives on a watery stretch called Thought The Void, an assortment of branch like matter that circles around the larger network, The Brain of Sum. It wasn’t always the self-sufficient entity it is today, in the beginning it was unlikely to survive and many worried that the inhabitants of Thought the … Continue reading ITCH IN THE BRAIN