Who is this Woman?


See the picture above, my friend made that for me. Nice isn’t it….to have friends that is.

I once asked someone to describe me and they said this: ‘Hetti is a narrow yet opened-minded, self-obsessed, but socially conscious oddball’. Should I be flattered do you think?

Anyway, here is my third person description of myself. I’ll just sit over here and twiddle my thumbs while you read it.

Hetti M. Ross is a writer living in Scotland. She is a freelance writer by day, a fiction writer by night and writes about mental health and adoption in he spare time. As you can you can imagine, she is a very exhausted person. You can read one of her short stories here.

She has written for many mental health charities, organisations and websites including: Black Dog Tribe, The Blurt Foundation, Let’s All Be Free, Care To Share Magazine, Depression Army, Happiful, International Bipolar Foundation and Feminine Collective. Hetti is featured in the mental health awareness anthologies, “A Day in My Head” and “Stigma Fighters Anthology” volume three, she has her own adoptee blog  “Rewriting Our Narratives” at Psych Central and her short stories can be found at Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Sick Lit Magazine and OTV.

Hetti lives with her husband and their manic puppy, Logan aka Bear in the Scottish countryside, surrounded by cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, pheasants and Shetland Ponies. She loves with a passion: books, cups of Earl Grey tea, her allotment, Oscar Wilde, Lego, Batman, a potato waffle and a roasted tomato.

She is currently writing a memoir and has a novel she needs someone to take off her hands.

Important Stuff:

She is working on her second supernatural novel, whilst penning a psychological thriller and finishing a memoir which may if she’s good be published next year.

She is passionate about championing people who live with mental illness, (she lives with Bipolar Disorder and anxiety) and supporting adoptees like herself, helping them cope with adoption and all it entails.


She is pathologically obsessed with a roasted tomato and has one every day.

Adores a potato waffle in the afternoon.

Loves cake (but doesn’t eat it), cos gave up sugar in 1901.

Is romantically attached to books.

Is besotted with Bowie.

Is a devoted lover of Sebastian Melmoth.

Fanatical about goats.

Likes chocolate (but never eats this either).

Loves her allotment, especially the part that grows stuff.

Her home is made from Lego, Star Wars, books, films, art, a truck load of vinyl, a slither of brick and a hefty dose of funny lines.

She hates jelly, hugs and speaking in the third person.

She is forever waiting to be friends with Chappie and has bought a Barbie for the occasion.

If you want Henrietta to write for you, drop her a line at hettiross@gmail.com.

© Copyright Henrietta M Ross



15 thoughts on “Who is this Woman?

  1. This was brutally honest. U have survived and are an awesome person. I don’t care what u think about that. I say u are awesome!!! It’s kinda funny my grandparents were from Birmingham and my father was born there. Just thought I’d tell u that.

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  2. Wow, I thought I was reading about my twin from another life. I want to write like you …Awesome Honest a little off beat to most people but I guess that is why you stand out.

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  3. I am so glad you read my Bukowski post, which brought me here to find out a bit more about YOU! I am (virtual) friends with Miss Sarah with Stigma Fighters, so there’s another connection and I write a lot about mental health – BOOM – we have other stuff in common! Looking forward to getting to know you better, new friend!!! xx

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