Who is this Woman?



See the picture above, my friend made that for me. Nice isn’t it….to have friends that is.

I asked someone once to describe me and they said this: ‘Hetti is a narrow yet opened minded, self obsessed a but socially conscious oddball’. Should I be flattered do you think?

Anyway, here is my third person description of myself. I’ll just sit over here and twiddle my thumbs while you read it.

Hetti lives in rural Scotland with the legend that is Mr H (her mildly insane husband: my fault), and two dogs, Lolpop and Logan Montgomery Ross. She’s not good at much but she can (surprisingly) type in a straight line and spin a pretty good yarn so she does this on a regular basis whilst stuffing her face with tea and cake.

When not writing, she likes to speed dump her writing in impromptu places, leave local charity shops with a wheelbarrow to transport her books,  occasionally try active mediation in a field as she wanders after sheep, or dance absurdly to cheesy eighties music, because like Rockwell, she thinks somebody IS watching. Henrietta is working on many things. She hopes to finish these ‘many things’ in this lifetime, but if not she’ll come back in the next.

Important Stuff: 

Hetti is a fiction writer, almost novelist and a plodding freelancer. She is working on her second novel and writing a memoir about mental illness and adoption. She has her own blog Adoption: Rewriting Our Narratives at Psych Central and a fantastic private Facebook group for all the people lingering on the outskirts called We Are The Beautifully Weird. She is passionate about championing  people who live with mental illness (she lives with Bipolar Disorder and anxiety herself), and also supports adult adoptees like herself,  helping them cope with adoption and all it entails.


She is pathologically obsessed with a roasted tomato, adores a potato waffle, loves cake (but doesn’t eat it), drinks herbal tea, is romantically attached to books, is a huge fan Bowie, is a disciple of The Wilde,  fanatical about goats, likes chocolate (but never eats it), her allotment, and lots of weird stuff like The occult, Kabbala, Crowley, Golden Dawn and ghosts, obviously, hard to write spooky things without spooky interests.

She hates jelly, hugs, political correctness and most people. 😂

She also hates speaking in the third person.

Love H x


© Copyright Henrietta M Ross




15 thoughts on “Who is this Woman?

  1. This was brutally honest. U have survived and are an awesome person. I don’t care what u think about that. I say u are awesome!!! It’s kinda funny my grandparents were from Birmingham and my father was born there. Just thought I’d tell u that.

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  2. Wow, I thought I was reading about my twin from another life. I want to write like you …Awesome Honest a little off beat to most people but I guess that is why you stand out.

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  3. I am so glad you read my Bukowski post, which brought me here to find out a bit more about YOU! I am (virtual) friends with Miss Sarah with Stigma Fighters, so there’s another connection and I write a lot about mental health – BOOM – we have other stuff in common! Looking forward to getting to know you better, new friend!!! xx

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