My Ten Thoughts On Trump. 

  Final thoughts on Trump. 1) 30.9 % of people voted for Trump. 2) The fact they did tells you all you need to know. People want change, they are sick of career politicians, they are worn down by neoliberalism which Hilary represented. Donald offered an alternative for some and so jaded were they, they … Continue reading My Ten Thoughts On Trump. 

Do You Call Yourself A Writer?

I asked a question on social media the other day, do you call yourself a writer and if so, why and if not, why is that, what stops you brandishing your silky scribe and nailing your colours to the mast. Maybe the problem is if we call ourselves writers (or authors if we’ve published a … Continue reading Do You Call Yourself A Writer?

My Opinion of the John Lewis Advert.

It used to be the case that until once glimpsed the Coco Cola lorry pulling into town, Christmas hadn’t arrived. Now, a different company gives you the okay to start bedecking your home with realms of tinsel, lights and inflatable father Christmases acting drunk in the wind as they wobble on your front lawn. The … Continue reading My Opinion of the John Lewis Advert.


Warning: Description of a sexual act and unorthodox practices. Bruce pulls her close, sheds a tear as he buries his head in her neck, long, slender, the sort of neck men want to caress, even with these bruises. The silence is strange but she had always been quiet, reserved, a little anxious perhaps. Fingers searching … Continue reading Desire!