The Lump of Anxiety.

I have always been the anxious sort which is a difficult thing to admit. I often think I was carved out of anxiety, small, ivory coloured bones scored and polished with fear whilst folded into my mothers womb so that when I left, eventually, it would be as a captive of an over-worked nervous system. For a long time … Continue reading The Lump of Anxiety.

Goodnight Carrie Fisher. 

​Like many, I too loved Carrie Fisher. Carrie was an intelligent, funny, straight forward, sharp, humble,  talented star who we shall all miss. From her iconic role as Princess Leia in Star Wars to her many candid but hilarious books to her constant work as a mental health advocate, she was an incredible lady who … Continue reading Goodnight Carrie Fisher. 

The Reaper Missed You Last Night. *Alternative Title – Merry Christmas. 

The soft smoke of breath, lingers in the taut, dense air, eyes veiled against comin' night, a face etched of pleasures tasted, folding in on itself, a lost, precious beat, a heats fluttering echo, in an old worn chair. Holding fingertips now turning  grey slate, deaths march draws curtains come nigh, hearts holding in strained … Continue reading The Reaper Missed You Last Night. *Alternative Title – Merry Christmas. 

It’s A Tory Brown Letter Day

Do you think he will be okay? Amanda smiled and picked up her bag. A huge thing that looked like the sort Mary Poppins might cart about with her. 'I am sure he will be.' 'There is just nothing anyone can do.' 'I know, but it doesn't do to worry too much.' Amanda patted Melanie … Continue reading It’s A Tory Brown Letter Day

My Ten Thoughts On Trump. 

  Final thoughts on Trump. 1) 30.9 % of people voted for Trump. 2) The fact they did tells you all you need to know. People want change, they are sick of career politicians, they are worn down by neoliberalism which Hilary represented. Donald offered an alternative for some and so jaded were they, they … Continue reading My Ten Thoughts On Trump. 

No. 102 – A Halloween Short Story. 

No 102. The last house on the street, separated by thick woodland to the left and an old tin shed to the right. Most of the neighbourhood stayed away. They knew the Talbot's. Arthur Talbot was a cantankerous old fool who chased the kids off his land with his shotgun or threatened them in the … Continue reading No. 102 – A Halloween Short Story.