My Ten Thoughts On Trump. 


Final thoughts on Trump.

1) 30.9 % of people voted for Trump.

2) The fact they did tells you all you need to know. People want change, they are sick of career politicians, they are worn down by neoliberalism which Hilary represented. Donald offered an alternative for some and so jaded were they, they took it. Many others used him as a chance to protest against the current political system and make their feelings heard. No different to Brexit in the UK.

3) People think Trump ‘said it how it is.’ The fact he said outrageous things means less than the fact he said them clearly, simply and without the familiar cloak of obscurity worn by politicians.

4) Hilary wasn’t the answer but that didn’t mean Trump was the solution.

5) If you can’t understand the Trump vote, that’s something you need to work on. The only answer to this mess is understanding and an ability to see the biggest picture.

6) Name calling, denigrating those who voted Trump, getting into arguments on social media is not going to achieve anything. Everyone who voted for Trump isn’t a racist/sexist/misogynist/ignorant fool but every racist/sexist/misogynist ignorant fool voted for Trump. Focus on common ground, you have it. It hides behind the hate.

7) The left have a problem. It can’t be fixed with rhetoric, distancing, a well-timed hashtag, incredulity. There is no point in blaming some ‘ism’ or deciding everyone who voted for Trump is a bad apple. You need to understand the landscape without bias, ego and without deliberately trying to silence those you don’t agree with.


8) Don’t polish your ego because you voted Hilary. Don’t polish your ego because you voted Trump. Dusting the shit between the cracks would be more beneficial.

9) Trump didn’t make anyone beat up a gay man or abuse a person of color. He didn’t create racists or homophobes. He simply gave legitimacy to peoples prejudice’s or stoked their flames of fear. There is no ‘other’ in society. We are all the same, made from the same material as stars, but society: media, politicians and so forth like to pretend some amongst us are devoid of star dust and therefore burn less bright. It’s how they keep us under the thumb, submissive and distracted.

If this election means anything, it means people want change and through voting for a businessman instead of a politician they have shown they are looking for authenticity. Trump may not have it, but that doesn’t stop the need and want for something more transparent and fair. It could be a start of something rather than the end of everything.

10) Finally, you will get through this.



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6 thoughts on “My Ten Thoughts On Trump. 

  1. Well said. I’ve said for a while that the left needs to change. Their methods of labelling, silencing and shouting down debate has largely lead to Trump being elected. Plus I’d argue there is an insulting, self righteous nature to the left that has been getting worse. Too many on the left have insulting those who disagree with their view, as well as call them stupid. Since when has been insulting and labelling people convince them of someone’s argument? Indeed it makes it worse as people feel more silent and therefore will only express their views in silence and when it has much more impact, such as voting. Hence why opinion polls haven’t been accurate – as people have been silenced (due to the fear of backlash) for saying what they think.

    The left have been devoid of ideas, both from its politicians and from its activists for a while and as a result, we have been left with the shit situation we are in now.

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  2. I have been trying to stay away from election posts, but I had to check out what someone from outside America had to say. (Plus I really dig you.) I certainly disagree with some of your points, but I’m cool with that. Of course, that’s one of the big issues liberals in America have and why we keep losing. (I am a very liberal registered Democrat.) Liberals fail to listen what others have to say and fail to participate if they don’t get everything they want. You kind of highlighted that latter problem with your first point. Trump didn’t have such great support. Liberals just failed to beat him when we had the chance. Now they (not including myself this time) think they can change the outcome with some b.s. petitions which only promote false hope and show hypocrisy. (They seem to forget how pissed they were when Trump was complaining of election rigging and hinting he wouldn’t accept the result if he lost.)

    Hillary Clinton has some positions I strongly dislike, and I would’ve preferred a different candidate. I voted for her in part because I knew she was the only viable option for defeating Trump and maintaining the progress we have made. We let him win by acting like spoiled children, something else for which we often vilified him. As upset as I am that Trump won, I’m even more disappointed and angry that so many people with whom I should be joining to fight against his agenda are acting just like him.

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    • It’s an odd situation when we can’t be comfortable with different views isn’t it. Reminds me of how a little of how more and more readers want characters in books to remind them of themselves otherwise they don’t enjoy the story. Weird.

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