Warning: Description of a sexual act and unorthodox practices.

Bruce pulls her close, sheds a tear as he buries his head in her neck, long, slender, the sort of neck men want to caress, even with these bruises.

The silence is strange but she had always been quiet, reserved, a little anxious perhaps.

Fingers searching for those pale pink buds, hard, already begging for his touch.

Moving to the secret island between her legs, imaging her back arching, her body taut as she violently comes.

Dana, she had always been his, he knew that now, soul mates, the kind of love one comes across once in a lifetime.

Moving away for just a brief second, he sniggers, necrophilia is underrated.



Six Sentence Stories Linkupย hosted each Thursday by Ivy Walker of Uncharted.


17 thoughts on “Desire!

  1. after I read the last line I had to reread the rest because it was just so cool! it could go so many ways before you read that last one! Thanks so much for linking in that was a great entry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for having me Ivy! It was m first time and I really enjoyed it. Glad you liked it, it’s the sort of absurd stuff I like to write, anything with a twist. I haven’t gotten round to checking out the other links, as I wrote that in between writing my novel, but it’s on my to do for tomorrow. Hope that’s okay. See you next week!


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